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 I thought it might be fun to write up a potion that Kirsty would use. This base is one that I have actually used for my daughter to help her sleep. I was reminded of it last night when she requested it and was telling her brother how good it was and how well it works.

Sleeping potion

1 tsp to 1 tbs honey
Cup of milk (goat, cow, coconut, almond, whatever you can have)
1 tsp vanilla flavor
1 pinch lavendar

We use the microwave usually because by the time this would usually get resorted to I was exhausted. Better is warming the milk like you would for hot coco and adding the lavander while heating, then adding the honey and vanilla in the cup, then stirring. Kirsty would take this further by heating the whole mixture in her cauldron, stirring deosil (clockwise) until well combined to increase the power of the potion, then widdershins (counterclockwise) to drive away what is preventing sleep. It would be important to concentrate on good sleep during the brewing, as a distracted potioneer makes for a poor potion. Priest-mages and priestess-witched in service to any of the gods that touch on the realm of sleep would also further have their own chants to augment further and fine tune efficacy from within their spheres of power.

Last night it only took half the cup to knock out my daughter, and my son sampled finally. For him he went out after a couple sips.

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