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Selkies' Skins book one audiobook streams free as a donation to Trotsdale Library within Second Life. It plays Thursdays. SLT is Pacific Time.

 5PM SLT Morgan will stream music from a chosen theme. This week's theme is: 70's horn power groups, such as Chicago and Blood Sweat and Tears.
If you have a specific type of music or song you'd like to hear, don't be shy about telling Illya Leonov what you'd like.
6PM SLT Morgan's playing "Selkies' Skins: Castle and Well" Chapter 34: Lunar Eidolon and 35: Tampered. 

When/if the stream location changes I'll remember to make a post about the move.

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Sketch from Heartland Studios says that Jacquelyn Wyer's recording of the first 15 minutes for "Stories of Spirits" will likely be uploaded tonight. Jacquelyn will be bringing her Japanese accent to some of the characters in these short stories, a product of her upbringing by a Japanese mother. I feel that this should greatly enhance the reading... as the spirits should all be thought of as having one (whether the tale is one set in the ancient past, or one where the spirits are bubbling into modern experience).

I am looking forward to hearing this.

The cover art for the audio version is done, and will be matching that of the book. When designing the cover, a whole tama (spirit, jewel) was a very important consideration since the stories are all meant from the spirit point of view. Ancestors especially, but there are stories where the living character could be interpreted either as an incarnated spirit... or a woman possessed... depending on the filter used. That state is actually one that I found very interesting to write since I had to hold the dual frame firmly in mind as it needs to be left up to the reader as to which view they take. That story will be particularly interesting to hear whether or not I managed, and if the narrator captures it.

What do the different colors mean? That's for you to figure out.

stories of spirits audiobook cover

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Call of the Kami has finally come to audiobook, available now on Amazon, Audible.com, and iTunes.


It joins the Kindle format, Paperback on Amazon and Lulu (which still has the original edition), as well as Smashwords.

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Clarence Bonner, another author in the network that I mingle with for chats, advice, and mutual support, informed me of Librivox. This is a site where you can listen to free audiobooks in the public domain, such as Poe, or volunteer to record free chapters for others whilst getting practice. I'll be checking into what books they have available to listen to, and I am considering seeing if my voice will hold out long enough to record a chapter later on, after school and work levels are down enough to allow the recording time.

Librivox's goal is to get all public domain works recorded and available for free. I think that this is a fantastic idea. I can look on the site and find stories that might interest Merlin, and get from the public domain copies of those books so we can do read along exercises with more advanced books.
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Just a few moments ago I approved the audio edition of Call of the Kami by Teresa Garcia/Teresa Huddleston-Garcia (me), as narrated by Andrea C. Missias, for production.  This means that in two to three weeks it will be available in Amazon, Audible, and iTunes for purchase, joining print and ebook editions.


I learned a lot during this production that will help with future audiobooks.  Always have lots of time in the contract for production is one of them, because the narrators and producers often have other projects as well ahead of what you are wanting them to work on, and have lives.  We had lots of time built into the contract, and life proceeded to happen more than expected.  So I was very glad that this project had a flexible time frame.  Good things are worth waiting for, and rushing something makes no sense.


I'm very pleased with how the audiobook turned out, and proud to have it joining the other projects.  I hope that you readers enjoy it...  My daughter had me pausing the audio often while trying to decide where the sample should come from, so that we could talk about each piece and some of the stories behind them.  Exactly the sort of reaction I wanted.

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I'm checking the files for the Call of the Kami audiobook.  I find myself listening and going "did I write that? It sounds so much better than I thought" very often.

Some of the poems have her slipping into song briefly.  The Dragons' Croon, and Song of the Waters both made me put down my morning coffee.  Bamboo and Cloth brought some applause.  The section on dragons is currently playing, and nearly done, so I am about halfway through.

Very very happy and still trying to get my head around all this.  Andrea Missias keeps giving me goosebumps and shivers with her readings...
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The Household and I are happy.
The first royalty check from the first collection of Lightning's Adventures on audio book was in the mail yesterday.  I was very surprised to find such a big envelope folded into my little work mailbox, but it was really gratifying to see who this giant envelope was from and with my name on it.  It wasn't a big check, but it certainly puts a bit toward Lightning's vet bill to help pay that down.  Six copies sold last quarter, with one of those in the UK, so it was really neat to see which countries those copies went to.  Hopefully those will keep selling, as The Adventures of Lightning the Cat will help toward keeping him supplied.  I highly doubt that the books and audiobooks in that line will ever totally cover his needs, but each purchase we're looking at as a sign that somebody was interested enough.

Athena is working at writing down some of the adventures that she has seen, for the next set.  We've decided that the next collection of three will be co-authored, as some of his adventures we both see different parts of.  The next will likely deal with The Owl (that thing is huge) and possibly the snake adventure (he used to walk her to school when we first came here).  She keeps getting sidetracked, which is why these two haven't been written down sooner.  I don't know when they will be combed through and ready, but I've been waiting for a while for her to be ready to finish the stuff that she'd wanted support writing.

It would be kind of neat to get his stories done in children's picture book format someday, since the main audience for him was intended as kids.  For now though...

Paperback: $4.99
Kindle: $0.99
Audio: $6.95
Hm... I see Amazon hasn't linked them yet, so I've sent them a message asking them to do so.

Also available on Smashwords ($0.99) or search your favorite online bookstore as Smashwords distributes to many stores for me.

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Andrea Missias sent me the first 15 minutes of the audio poetry book for review.

Oh. My. God.

The woman is amazing.  This was definitely worth the wait.  The dedication, the background... the pose was so well done I didn't think she would be able to top it when getting into the poetry.  Then she did.  She made me cry with the emotion in the last poem in the first 15, Rain Spirit's Loss or Gain.

OH wow is just about all I can say... over and over and over and over...
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Lightning the Cat:

So the first of Lightning's mini adventures is now available to purchase on audio, narrated by myself.  The audiobook contains:
Lightning's Job
The Battle of the Tomato
and Disarmament

These mini stories are snippets from Lightning's exploits, meant to entertain Children as well as to bring awareness to the fact that service animals can be more than dogs... and have their own opinions about what is going on.  I already have people waiting for more short shorts about the cat and his exploits.  I do have more to write, but there are other projects higher on the priority list.

On Amazon


It has not yet gone live on the iBookstore, though ACX did send it there, so if you shop on that site, it should turn up later on.
Print and ebook versions are also available.

Call of the Kami:

The narrator has been sick, so we are running behind schedule for the first 15 minutes and hoping that she will still be able to make the agreed completion date.  So let's all pray that her throat heals and that she gets better.

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So, I just hashed out details with Andrea C Missias, who will be narrating my poetry book, Call of the Kami.  We have the contract drawn up, just waiting for her to have the chance to hit the accept button.  First 15 minutes will be ready by December 16 2012, and the whole will be done by Jan 31 2013.  I'll hold off on putting a formal announcement on the publishing blog, since I'm still in *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee* mode.
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An audition came in today to turn my poetry book "Call of the Kami" into an audiobook.  I am very pleased with her voicing, and very much looking forward to getting everything hashed out so that the paperwork can be sent through and the book go into the production phase.  I am also finding myself very nervous.  This is the furthest to date that I have gotten on any of the audiobook projects.  So I'm sitting here jittering and waiting for a reply, which I hope to get tomorrow.

Still looking for someone to do the Dragon Shaman novels, so hopefully there will soon be a voice for those projects as well.

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