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 Visiting Jack Frost
Teresa Garcia
November 26, 2016
Down the snow falls from the skies
Grey as this spirit’s twinkling eyes
Bright with the joy of gallant youth
Dancing and singing his own truth
Over the fence and about the eves
His paints his art as he pleases
Icy frost spreads at his brush
Some is sparse and others lush
Pave the river through the glen
Leave a path for the moon, then
Dash through the sleeping field
Beneath the snow snug and sealed
Over the river, through the wood
After the Keeper of the Blue Hood
Before his prints fade from view
Beneath the oak, beneath the yew
To the court of the Holly King
An offering of light bright to bring
And silver boughs laden with fruit
Plucked special for Sacred Moot
Eat it not lest here you wish to stay
Seven years, and a wholesome day
Doing the bidden of Winter’s King
As Oak and Holly dance the ring
And if young Jack asks to dance
Whirl with him and gaily prance
But be mindful of touch and eye
Lest from body soul should fly.

This is going to my deviantart , livejournal , and dreamwidth and patreon.
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Finally I get to sit down for some mythical poetry. Tonight due to it being so cold Yukionna seems to be the proper one to write a tale of. The snow maiden comes from Japan, and there are several facets to her. In this poem however I will only deal with one. If you like my poetry or the Selkies' Skins webnovel then please consider visiting my Patreon at http://www.patreon.com/Amehana

 Mother Yukionna
Teresa Garcia
November 20, 2016
Gently the snow falls down
Coating the land and the tree
Undercut by the river
Flowing resolutely to the sea.
Quietly a slim figure glides
Pale as the moon mirror now hidden
Behind the lowered underscales
Of the storm dragon hither bidden
Through the trees and the rocks
Silently she searches them out tonight
The unwanted, young or old
Cast out by poverty or spite
If you watch here with me
In this hasty shelter against the snow
Warmed only by body and hope
Her love as children we will know
Do you hear that doleful cry
Rending both mountain pass
And the spanning sky
As the first her search has compass'd?
Too late that one was found
Some small and frozen form
Leaving her yet again
Childless and forlorn
Oh tonight is so very cold
I hope she finds us soon
I want to sleep snug and warm
In Yukionna's arms coccoon'd.
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 This poem finishes up the succubus related poems. I've not gotten to poking at the incubus yet to see what happens when opening the poetry door. One day long ago now after the first two succubus poems talk turned to what would happen if a succubus was disinterested and preferred coffee. I finally got to get to that suggestion.

Hopefully soon I get back to better progress on my manuscript as the moving settles down. Soon we'll be fully in our new house.

Coffee is Better
Teresa Garcia
October 4, 2016
The night stretches warm and bright
Where I curl up for the night
Thin fingers round about my cup
While the gentle steam rises up
With the smell so soft and warm
I love how it rises up my form.
I settle in with my delicious brew
Then some jackass calls to me to do
That stuff that my kind feeds upon
Expecting me to run eager, anon.
I just want my blasted coffee
Maybe make me a cup then I’ll see.
Needy musk fills up my nose
Raising me up on my toes…
Stamping down temptation’s notes
I shake my head and ignore his woes.
Give me my damn dark coffee
That’s really all this one needs.
Sure, my sisters really like men
Stalk them in dreams and then den
But a Potioneer shared a little trick
And honestly I think it sticks
Though he likes when I come by
He gets cute ideas, and I sigh.
You know, I’ve got a brain
More than that little stain
You men leave upon the sheets
When I’m done with your heat
I’ve even got a lovely name
I guess thought is your bane
Coffee doesn’t use me just for fun
And to be hissed about? I’m done.
You want relief in the night?
Make me a cup, then I might.
And really, you’re quite bad in bed
Why don’t you build yourself up instead?
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 Watchers on the Widow’s Walk
Teresa Garcia
October 4, 2016
Watchers on the Widow’s Walk
Strain at the iron railing
Calling with the heart and watching
Whispering prayers to the sea
Watchers on the Widow’s Walk
Scan the stormy seas
Waiting and counting out the days
Searching the hemline of the sea.
Watchers from the Widow’s Walk
Tread softly through the town
Picking up the groceries for men
Hoping to feed them once again.
Watchers from the Widow’s Walk
Kneel in the somber pews
Praying to those beyond that listen
Praying for the ships to come in
Watchers on the Widow’s Walk
Eventually fall from the eaves
Leaving life’s cloak tattered behind
Knowing at last what is done
Watchers on the Widow’s Walk
Prowl when the storm sighs
Caught ever here between
Those taken by the shifting sea.

Like this sort of thing, or any of my writing? Visit http://www.patreon.com/Amehana to find out how to get first look.
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 I've been so busy lately I've not gotten to work on the manuscript as much as I would like. I have at least been able to do some poetry. Some still has to wait for the first peek on my Patreon. To become a patron and get first crack at things visit me at http://www.patreon.com/Amehana

The Hounds of Herne
Teresa Garcia
The nights are getting longer
The days are getting colder
Winter’s getting bolder
It’s tapping at our shoulder.
The year is getting older.
The Wild Hunt draws nigh
Careering through the skies
Which Court now passes by
As on their hunt they hie?
Soon, the year will die.
Bide with me a while yet
The rain falls so ever wet
And we are very well met
Beside this fire warmly set.
We’ll hide from their threat.
Hear ye now the wailing call
Of the wolves deep in His thrall.
Our Horned Hunter of darkest pall
Strides fearless through the squall
With his chosen transformed cabal.
Are ye darksome or are ye light,
Seelie or Unseelie, bringing blight?
Be ye wise this Samhain Night
As the Good Folk come to sight.
Say your prayers and hold tight.
When it’s time we too shall ride
With flaring cloak of night dyed
Beset with night’s starspangled tide
While loving mate waits and sighs
The prayers and songs of wulf’s bride.
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Here are a couple of poems about the Succubus. They do exist in Kirsty's world, although she's not encountered one yet that she knows of. Maybe at some point I should sit down and write up a blurb about different ways they come into being, one of which Morvan's girlfriend is actually intended to be at risk of.

Traditinal Succubus: http://amehanarainstardrago.deviantart.com/art/Traditional-Succubus-Patreon-Poem-630747967
Succubus Outcry: http://amehanarainstardrago.deviantart.com/art/Succubus-Outcry-630870327

I am still working on the next part of Chapter 13, although it has been difficult to get to. If you'd like to be a patron and help support the time that goes into everything please visit http://www.patreon.com/Amehana. Or if you'd rather send Paypal donations there is a button in the sticky note on this journal.
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 This week's poem challenge at Proser was something that has been on my mind for awhile. "Don't Go Away" is my poetry entry for this week's #ProseChallenge following the prompt "my deepest secret." https://theprose.com/post/83556/don-t-go-away

I have always had abandonment issues since I was a very little girl. I try to hide them, but it always finds a way to screw up my relationships and rears it's head at inopportune times. For a short time while I was very little my parents were separated. Dad had been the one to leave. They worked out their issues and dad came back, and I didn't even remember it consciously. It was while dad was dying that he had talked to me about it. After years of work looking for the root this is where I suspect the start was.

In case no one has noticed, I've not gotten as much work done in Selkies' Skins as I'd like lately. I have scribbles in my notebook that I need to type up yet.

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 It is the first of the month and the release of the first of my Patreon's monthly mystical creature poem. This month has 3 poems supported, plus the Selkies' Skins updates, and a video. Not all of the poems have to be about mystical creatures, but the first one for the month always will be. This time the poem is about the Sphinx, which is a favorite creature/being of mine.
There is also a poem written for the weekly challenge on Prose, this time a micro poetry challenge. Artistic Lines could use some views. If you like it please hit the buttons at the bottom to support it. The winner of these challenges receives $100 and the runner up $25. I haven't won one yet but it would definitely be helpful and nice. ;) If sharing it to twitter please use the tags #poetheme and #micropoetry.

It's been requested that I read more Lovecraft stories, so one of the upcoming things you can expect will be me reading "In the Vault" and I intend to do a piece of artwork to accompany the reading. I also have a short retelling of "The Bird" as told by Zayfod that I also intend to do. If you have material that you'd like me to read and have on my Youtube channel please feel free to bring it to my attention. I enjoy cooperative opportunities.


Donations for stories, poems, and art help support my children and my writing.

Or you can become a monthly patron through Patreon!

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I'm running a poll to see what people would like to see written about next month. The first poem of the month will still be chosen by me, but the poll will influence choices for the later poems of the month.

What mythical creature would you like to ensure being put in a poem on my Patreon for May, 2016?
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I entered this poem in a contest. There are only a few days left. Please take a look and if you like it then give it a signal boost. First or second place would be nice as it's a cash prize. If you tweet it (the original poem posting) please use the tags #poetheme and #micropoetry.

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Original Posted on my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/posts/stone-angel-poem-3744812 

 I only just found out a bit ago about what happened in Paris, with the attacks. Frankly I'm in shock. I can do nothing for the people and their families, friends, and other loved ones. The fact that this is a Friday the 13th does not escape me.


I think very lowly of those gunners. So senseless. At the same time the more generous part of me whispers that there were things wrong with them and that it is not for me to judge. Pain, bad programming, and general stupidity and lack of regard for life and others, viewing people as "the other" does this sort of thing. They'd better be glad I"m not their mother because they would not be happy and I'd give my lecture before letting the world have them take account for their actions, all the same.


During the 6:30 PM meditation in Suhavati, Takeuti, Second Life I had this poem come to me.


Stone Angel


I stand here, a marble statue

My wings stretched out over you

My people, far away from me

But even here I see

I see

I see


Would that I were like my brethren

Free to fly to your side, even

For just a moment as the flash

And fire from the barrel crash

I wish

I wish

I pray


My hands stretch up to the heavens

As ancestors made to, all these suns

My prayers however are my own

Let some good come of what sown

I cry

I cry

I pray

I pray


I am but carven stone on rooftops

All across your country and in shoppes

Give to these souls and loves some peace

Let not their memory ever cease

My Lord, o Father hear the prayer

That this stone angel doth dare

I cry

I cry

I pray

I pray

I bleed

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 Last month was busy work wise. I just sent payment for my student loan off and Thunder's vet bill from when he had his eye infection. Power bill goes out shortly as will internet. Quarterly taxes are sent off. Think that I should be able to get my brakes done this month thanks to how much work I got last month. Have to call and schedule that. Socked aside a bit of money for work items I need.

November's monthly mystical creature poem from the Patreon has gone up, later on I'll upload the Facerig video of it.
Poem Posting: https://www.patreon.com/posts/monthly-mythical-3701951

My “Friend” The Gremlin

Oh are you freaking kidding me?!

The coffee’s gone, and my mugs-

Broken all in the cupboard. Whee.

Murphy! Where, you evil lug,

Did you hide my life from me?

My keys now too? I had a meeting.

And there goes the cat out the door.

I guess at least I’m still breathing.

I’ll sit silent and see what’s in store.

Crash and boom! Bang and slam!

Pop and wheeze all around the house.

Tonight’s recipe is now a cryptogram?

That’s it, this problem I’ll soon douse!

Gremlin, gremlin, meet my doorjamb!

See how sturdy a gate it makes?

Tremble, I’ll catch you at last!

Ah, you’ll find at last the shakes.

This trap, it hath you outclassed!

Alas though, the best laid plans

Must all fall to Murphy’s might.

I’ll never know why sanpans

Replaced my barrier so ferrite,

From which came cries of toucans.

Inspired by the Gremlin

* No, not all of my mugs are busted.

Need to get back to finalizing the last of the art for the third part of Book of Seals...

Should finally have time to finish up the next part of Selkies' Skins... don't fee right posting only one pageworth... Though maybe I should start doing those wip sections as snippets clearly labeled as "concept" versus "installment"
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 Youtube is caught up, in the sense that my channel has gotten all of the Mystical Creatures poems (so far) recorded and uploaded.


Unicorn: https://youtu.be/khDFYiAO6ao


Wisps: https://youtu.be/WbFYog-YbIU


Song of the Phoenix: https://youtu.be/gAxCWhAglWY


Startled: https://youtu.be/jYtNQfapzqU


The Black Cat and the White Hare, AKA Rivals at the Witches' Circle: https://youtu.be/jgkipbSPZVE

I'll be dividing my time tomorrow, if all goes well and I am allowed to, between my testing job and working on the Selkies' Skins manuscript to finish the next installment of that story.

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 Release day is upon us for volume one of the dragon poetry and short story anthology "The Dragons' Beads: A Treasury." Thank you to the contributors that made this possible. It was very exciting to see how many different views of 'dragon' sprang from the prompt.
“The Dragons' Beads" features the work of Elizabeth Buckley, Niels Van Eekelen, Athena Garcia, Ollie Lambert, Douglas J. Moore, Meghan Proctor, Jo Anne Spiese, Kristina Stumpf & Michael Camp, and Rachel Wookey. 
Print editions are available at Amazon and Createspace. Ebook is also available. You can get your copy at:
It is also available in notecard format within Second Life:
The price is set so as to be worked out roughly the same as the other ebook versions.
Please show the contributors some love by leaving a review after you've been able to read it. They all worked very hard and I am pleased with what was submitted. Reviews can be left either where you purchased the book, at the Goodreads page, or by dropping a notecard to Amehana Ishtari within Second Life (or in one of the mail slots at the shrine board).
Orders can also be placed directly to the publisher by contacting:
THG StarDragon Publishing
Attn: Teresa Garcia
PO Box 249
McCloud, CA 960575
Teresa Garcia
ladyrainstardragon (at) hotmail.com
Subject: Book Order Query
Don't forget about the after release party. That can be accessed through Second Life (either the SL viewer or one of many third party viewers... I use Firestorm) at 6 PM SLT/Pacific Time. It was originally scheduled for 6 to 8, but Grease/John has enough music that if it looks like people want it and it gets cleared with the sim owner to extend another hour.
If you come, there are a couple of "dragon eggs" among the songs that I specifically asked to be played. The first one to IM me during the celebration event for each particular "egg" of the two will win 10 Lindens. If someone IMs me with both then they will earn 20 Lindens.
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 Yesterday was a live poetry reading via Second Life at the Makazi HQ for Nova Echelon. I had originally agreed to do it in honor of the 10th anniversary, but then the leader discovered that he had miscalculated the date (It will be the 9th in...February or January, I forget which right now). So instead the festivities went to celebrate the harvest season.

I am still incredibly shy. It is one thing to facilitate a religious ritual or meditation through there. I am used to those and the focus is not on me, even though I do still get nervous at the voice part until I fall into it. When the focus is on me though?


Even with my mild panic attack from speaking and being heard by so many while reading my work for the group, and the coughing fits from the cold I'm fighting (thankfully I HOPE I got the mic off for those), the reading went well. There was audience participation as some of those present volunteered to read individual poems. Dante, Methos, and John Krauss/Grease Coakes were the volunteers. It was really neat hearing how it sounded with others reading them! It was even better knowing that they were being enjoyed.

We even got to hear some of Methos' work after, which was also very cool.

It is a shame that there were people that missed the reading that had expressed interest in going. It was a good gathering just the same though. Something that I like about Second Life for function like this is that once a person has an account and knows the location, or a group to join to ask for the location, it is possible for new people to drop in or wander up. That makes it more open and inclusive, very much like going to a tavern or coffeehouse.
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In celebration of the soon-to-be-released first volume of the dragon fantasy anthology "The Dragons' Beads: A Treasury" I am running a Rafflecopter giveaway. This will run from 12 AM September 9, 2013 to 12 AM November 3, 2013. The winners will be contacted after with their claim code to use at Smashwords to obtain their free copy in whichever e-format they need for their reading device.

 Click to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway or view on the THG StarDragon Publishing FB Page.

The book release is November 1st, and the release party will be on November 2nd sometime due to the DJ's (Grease Coakes AKA John Krauss) schedule. The time has yet to be pinned down, but an announcement will be made as to when it will be. For those unable to log into Second Life the url of the music stream will be posted so that they can at least listen to the music too (such as if they are at work and have computer access). The drawing is being done the day after to give party participants time to enter too if they were unaware of the drawing.

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 I submitted a poem drawing inspiration from my current story project to a poetry contest. I was one of three winners.

"Caught Between Wave and Cave" and the other winners can be read here.
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Call of the Kami has finally come to audiobook, available now on Amazon, Audible.com, and iTunes.


It joins the Kindle format, Paperback on Amazon and Lulu (which still has the original edition), as well as Smashwords.

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The below is the poem reward for Victoria Davis, who participated in the Kickstarter for Selkies' Skins. For those that wish a look as to how the hard copy will be presented to her, you can view it here at the archive site. The only difference is that she gets the physical one signed. She will also be receiving several other rewards in her package. Thank you for your help in the project.

Breaking Point
By Teresa Garcia, December 12, 2012
For Victoria Davis

Balanced halves in dark and light
In deepest depths and soaring height
Trapped within, life begin.

Waiting, yearning, twisting, churning

Crystalline treasure in the blood
Welling, filling, productive flood
Building high behind the wall

Crushing, rushing, bashing, slashing

Capped up well, dammed up river
Back to the depths, gnash and shiver.
Find the foundation and chip away.

Digging, clawing, ripping, slaying

Time pass by – the water's grown!
Crushing pressure deepest moan.
Too tired to move nor to care

Curling, resting, dying... cresting?

Thunderous crash, sudden release
Expanding rush flailing ceased
Ride the wave and touch the stars.

Stretching, flying, dancing, living

Opened eyes, stirring wind, blazing sun
Greet the new day, birthed and begun
In the hand, a crystal key

Dreaming, Singing, Walking, Finding

Hunt the Sun, and Stroke the Moon
Heed the Earth's bone deep croon
Be the door, to be free.

Flowing, Blowing, Knowing, Growing

I hope the person that got the short story answers soon so I can get their project tucked into my work que.

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