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This will be the location for various serialized stories I am working on, as I have decided to experiment with this style again, due to the success rate that I used to have while writing fanfictions. Please use the tags if you have a particular story that you wish to navigate to, and feel free to bring your friends. I also will occasionally post news here related to my own manuscripts intended for regular publication and their availability.

For reference, the THG StarDragon Publishing Blog, though sometimes it goes long times without updates, is the place to watch for news regarding not only my own books, but those of the authors that have chosen to work with me in getting their own works ready for publication. My personal journal is located at livejournal (same name as here) and will be the place to look for random stuff (though if you want super random, I do admit the "sin" of having a Facebook). Artwork can be viewed on my DeviantArt account, or you can visit the THG StarDragon Publishing website or the Lulu Storefront. Also, some titles are going to be found at my Smashwords page. Don't forget to check Amazon and Barnes and Noble for print and ebook versions. Please note that the author is a full time mother and also takes university courses, so she unfortunately does not get to write or paint all day.
Comments are welcome, as I would like to experiment with how reader questions can help shape stories. Also, if you would like to donate to help fund my time (and help buy coffee to think and do neat things for the kids) I do accept Paypal. Just use the button at the bottom of the post.

You can find the table of contents for my serials below.

Contents Selkies' Skins )
Selkies' Skins: Castle and Well (book one) manuscript wordcount: Currently 131,693 for chapters 1 through 39, front matter, the glossary, and author bio. It will be followed by a second book covering the second half of Kirsty's testing, and likely a third book or fourth book to deal with other important bits that are not focused on in Kirsty's Skinquesting. There is also an audiobook version currently being recorded, narrated by Illya Leonov. He is also expected to narrate the books of the Dragon Shaman series.
You can also read it on a dedicated site for the stories.

Selkies' Skins 2
Selkies' Skins 2 )

The manuscript for Selkies' Skins (book two): Temple and Skinquest is currently sitting at 41,338 words in the full file as of April 20, 2016 and is in progress.

The manuscript for Dragon Shaman (book three): The Forge and the Well is in progress at roughly 20,000 words

Contents Shen's Tale )

Why is the Kirsty Picture gone? Who stole the selkie? David, are you hoarding her with the fish tin again? Ok, I'll do the button this way... Kirsty, that is MY can of smoked oysters...
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Jan. 17th, 2019 09:09 pm
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 I just took stock of how many books I have written and otherwise contributed to the production of. I have a small handful that I can remember the titles and years of that were multiple poet anthologies I contributed to. However the tally is pretty near 20ish. That restores a little confidence, wot?
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 Art has had me quite busy.

Here is a collaboration piece I was part of featuring the artists of Neighberry.
Artists of Neighberry
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 "4-Spell" by AmehanaRainStarDrago has some color today. Drawn for the #inktober2018 challenge the accompanying #poem is on the image page itself.  Every day I intend to post one new inking AND poem to my DeviantArt and sharing to my Patreon. 
I really enjoyed this one as I got to do something that I've been looking forward to... drawing some crystals. I am very seriously leaning to breaking out the Speedball sketch pen dip pen set and getting into my shimmering purple Hayabusa and black Noodler's inks early.
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 Mythical Minstrelsy

Within a week we should be seeing the print edition of Mythical Minstrelsy, volume 1 (the 2015-2016 volume) hitting Amazon. It will take a few days longer generally for the print edition to link to the ebook edition. Hopefully soon I will be able to have layout ready for volume 2 print and ebook as I try to catch up my own backlog (so many projects get prioritized over my own writings). I will post again once I see that it has become available.



In other news I am working on color for panels 11 through 15 of the Starr Family's Ice Cream Creation with PenIt! Publications. After the completion of that children's book project I will begin the art for the next Moey book, also with that publishing house.


Selkies' Skins

I champ at the bit to get back to the current volume of the series.


The Ian's Realm Saga Trilogy

Work is still ongoing with getting clean tracks for the audiobook version of D.L. Gardner's classic book. It has not been as quiet nor as calm a summer as I needed for the rerecording of the chapters.


Dragon Hearts RPG

There have been a few delays in getting to writing the second part of the current split questline. I need to check in the work tickets to see if the gamesite owner/coder has had a change to work on the code for the first part of this installment in Fetu's saga and if anything is ready for testing.

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I-5 was closed for a few days due to the Delta Fire. It's been reopened today with certain restrictions including to flammables. That had popped up on the 5th and spread so fast that I was glad the kids were to spend the night at my daughter's boyfriend's house that night. It put them further from the fire just in case. Merlin admitted he was a bit scared, but when he came home from school the next day he was less scared. I think the fear was due to living in wariness for so long due to the intense fire season we've had thus far this year. I can't blame him. He was there at the school in Weed the day of the Boles fire, and we talked before about how sometimes things make him remember that day.

Delta I don't expect to give us trouble in McCloud. That has to go around or through Hirz. I am certainly concerned for the communities down by that fire though. The 5 being open I'll take as a good sign even though Delta's only at 5% containment.

Hirz fire is now listed as 12 miles from McCloud. I live about 7 miles south of McCloud traveling the road going toward the fire but still north of the Siskiyou-Shasta county line. This is at 95% containment and looks like two small areas to create lines yet. Not totally out of the woods yet on this fire. Technically I should stay ready to evacuate if needed. Will be glad when that bugger is out.

Part of me wonders if this will bring property value in the McCloud area back to sane levels. Some of those houses are selling at ridiculous prices. >.>

Hirz Fire info and map: https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/6116/

Delta Fire info and map: https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/6191/

I-5 restrictions article: http://www.siskiyoudaily.com/news/20180910/i-5-open-with-restrictions-after-delta-fire-damages-roadway 
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 Fire Meditation is finally out in video form for the Godai guided meditation series.

I fully intended to work on the manuscript for the second book of Selkies' Skins. I wasn't allowed to keep my head in writing mode uninterrupted. I ended up finished up the ebook layout (I hope) for the second volume of the Mythical Minstrely project. After that it should not be too much longer before I'll have the pdf ready for the print version of that project. My own book projects have been delayed a bit too long, mostly due to my having to expend my limited energy in other (very necessary) venues.
My plans for tonight include working on the divider page image so that I'm not reusing last years, a new picture of "Maria Lightwatch" to manipulate, and coloring some of the illustration panels for the Ice cream book I'm illustrating for the PenIt Publications work files. I'm not sure I'll be able to cover all of my selected tasks for the day. I also still need to do more work on the rerecording and processing of The Ian's Realm Saga audiobook for D.L. Garnder.
I need to figure out where in the Dreaming Twilight lands in the Ontario sim of Second Life I will select for the bardic wander. I still haven't hit all of the parcels that are linked by the world's transport system. Having to use only satellite internet vastly restricts what I am able to do with/for Nisa and the other lands of the world the land and characters have slid to, and how much I am able to help out with that project.
I also still need to finish writing up phase two of the questline for Dragon Hearts current seasonal challenge. Phase one has been approved and is awaiting Obsidian to code it. We are coming closer to Samhain and soon it will be time for the direct face off again with Fetu. It will be interesting to see what impact playerbase choices have on the lore for Rhian and Dragon Hearts.
For now I must finish up my coffee and get to the store. The rest of the ingredients for my daughter's special chicken soup are needed.

Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/Amehana
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 My Jeep is down for repairs. My daughter's is acting up and is thus down for now as well. I will be unable to get into town for setting up and running my booth tomorrow, Friday, at the Lumberjack Fiesta in McCloud due to transport issues. My mother will be arriving after 8PM tomorrow though, so hopefully I will still be able to set up and run the booth on Saturday and Sunday. I was looking very forward to having books, daughter's homemade bath goods, art, bookmarks, and my son's papercraft models out for sale for this event.
We will get the vehicles fixed... Right now I am... rather inconvenienced, as are my daughter and her boyfriend who have quite the long drive to their jobs.
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 I am having a lot of bad luck lately. The radiator on my Jeep has cracked. I'm opening up commissions to help pay that work off faster. I've not gotten a quote yet, this just happened today. We are down to my daughter's Jeep (which also needs some work).

Commissions Info https://www.deviantart.com/amehanarainstardrago/journal/Commissions-Stuff-for-SL-and-in-General-Updated-566657935
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In my email I found that Goldspot Pens is running a giveaway for a pen. It would be nice to have a good fountain pen. I can get an extra entry if others enter too. It's a limited edition Aurora Optima Anniversary fountain pen with a 14kt gold flex nib.

Referral link: https://wn.nr/tQxStg

Deadline for entries is July 31st. Winner picked and announced Aug 1st.
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 I am having to update Paypal buttons. All previous ones are now blocked, though I will be working my way back through all old posts as I can which have them to replace and update, along with place Kirsty nearby. Here is the new button, which is supposed to be done with the new encryptions. Supposedly.
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 I finally wake up again without swollen glands in my throat and having to drain my head and float myself in licorice tea to combat that and still be able to record. I get to celebrate with the long forgone morning coffee.
In other news, the puppy keeps refusing her puppy chow in favor of Sirius' kibble. He's confused by this. He's also confused still why the puppy will play with him when she only sees his head, but won't play tag and plays less when she sees his big moose body. He may finally be starting to understand that he's no longer puppy size, as he has taken to putting his whole head between the puppy and I to block her from my face and ears when she gets too rambunctious.
Sirius seems a bit clingy and a little insecure, so Merlin has been taking him into his room for some one one one time more often and to bed earlier whether he actually goes to sleep or not. I spent a good bit of my morning before coffee pinned back against the couch with a big dog cheek mashed on my lips (carefully, or he tried to be) until he had enough kisses. Roughly five minutes worth of kisses, which gave my coffee time to cool anyway. It was even more comical to me as when letting lips rest, still trapped since I didn't want to push him into the tray the laptop was on, he would alternate licking forward at the air with trying to make kissy sounds himself.
I'm not sure what the puppy, sitting on the floor on one of the kids' old crocheted nap mats that now serves as an area rug, thought about this strange scene. I could see her watching curiously around what part of my vision wasn't blocked by dog head or too blurry outside of the glasses range.

Cirrus and Thunder seem to be taking well to the puppy. Thunder is much more adamant about when my bedtime is and getting his nighttime snuggles.

The puppy started out as a foster puppy rescue, being held for the intended owner until she could get a place. It turned out though that once she got a place there were no pets allowed. The puppy was supposed to grow up with the kid she is pregnant with, but now that looks like her plans are shot. Thus, Athena and Vinny seem to have a new puppy. Said puppy likes "uncle Merlin" very much, and yesterday ran to greet him when he came home. That's probably part of why Sirius seems a little more insecure than he did with Dude.

In the audiobook I'm working on I have three chapters left to record before I finish part two, and then will only have part three left to record. I have some redraws to do and more to continue for another children's book through Pen It Publications. I've not forgotten Selkies' Skins, nor have I forgotten the poetry. My time is mostly eaten up with processing and quality check on the audiobook files. The new equipment has speeded things up greatly, but there is still a lot of time that goes into even just one hour of finished audio, far more than the one hour. I will have to take this into account when I work on my own audio projects, when I get to those in my work queue.


Apr. 14th, 2018 03:56 pm
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 The requested deadline for having the narration of The Ian's Realm Saga Trilogy has been pushed back by the author to late May to early June. This gives me a bit more breathing room but I will still be pushing as hard as I can to get it completed as fast and well as possible since I know how things like to go boom around here the past few months. Hopefully this also means that soon I'll be able to get a bit of writing time in on Selkies' Skins. In other news I'm also contracted to illustrate a book about a young woman in the Little League from back in the 70's or s, back when co-ed baseball was a new thing. I have not forgotten Selkies', I'm just trying to keep bills paid and have a few more things in the air than gives me writing room yet.
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 Do you remember the dog book I illustrated for? You can meet the author in this podcast. I am so ecstatic that the interviewer termed the art as "whimsical" as that is exactly what I was aiming for.
 edited: The video did not show up the first time.
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Possible start to the next chapter of Selkies' Skins. Takes place at the time Justin carries Kirsty through the doors of Mara’s Sanctum. Unsure of chapter title.

I am unsure whether to place in the Selkies’ Skins books or the Dragon Shaman books. Leaning toward inclusion with the Selkies’ Skins manuscript. The question then becomes whether in book 2 or 3, but likely 2 since it pertains a bit to the Temple. Does not fit in The Shadow Chronicles since it does not touch on nor affect Willow's growth into Angelina proper, but must occur before all heroines are of the age where they meet bodily.



The scent of fox soothed her repose amongst the nest of pillows and blankets within the intricately worked nest shell of silver and precious gems. The ache of her bones had yet to ramp up to it’s normal levels, which increased the longer that she held off the rejuvenation of manifesting yet another body. She had stopped counting long ago, although every time she needed to she did her best to hide it from the kitsune that accompanied her through the centuries. At least the enchanted fire in the pit still crackled to augment what heat came to the Chamber of the Tree from the hotsprings in another branch of the system she had grown and dug.

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 What is currently on my plate and what is going on with my Youtube Channel.

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This is several installments together's worth to catch up on missed time.  This was first pushed to my Patreon feed where it was visible to Patrons 6 days early.

Quick Glossary
Samebito- Shark person, from Japan

Hir- NOT a typo. Used here for inbetween or genderfluid, non gender binary. The other option currently in use that I have seen among those writing or living such states is Xir. They and we are not suitable for this instance as most people see gender not as a continuum but two conflicting states, and do not separate gender from physical sex. I chose to make sure that one deity had several states because of conflicting reports on gender/sex of deities that do exist in mythology.

I believe that I remembered to make note of everything that required a glossary notation for this installment. If I did not please feel free to let me know.

Welcome back to the story! If you don't wish to use the Selkies' Skin tag to find the entries, check the ToC on the Sticky Note at Dreamwidth. Story is mirrored to myLiveJournal, from my Dreamwidth, as well as on a dedicated site. For story news and more, subscribe to my Twitter (@AmehanaArashi) or go on Facebook and like either THG StarDragon Publishing or Selkies' Skins. As always, the main tag for the full story is selkies' skins and the tag for "Temple and Skinquest" is selkies' skins 2.

Book one (Castle and Well) of Selkies' Skins is available in entirety in ebook format as of March 16th, beginning at Smashwords. The print edition is now available on Amazon and Lulu with Samantha Buckley's stunning cover depicting Kirsty and the storm. An audio edition of the first book in the series narrated by Illya Leonov and now available on Amazon, iTunes, and Audible, with other venues pending. He has finished "Book of Seals: Pearls of Sea and Stone" which accompanies and precedes Selkies' Skins: Castle and Well which will be available in full audiobook format soon, when I can get to uploading it finally. (click to hear what he sounds like in past recordings of other projects)

Interested in helping support the free version of this book and other projects? Visit http://www.patreon.com/Amehana

Selkies' Skins 2
Section 2: Temple's Light
Installment 43
Chapter 17 (part 2)
Untangling the Web, Shifting the Veil
Untangling the Web, Shifting the Veil

While the deities silently conferred, keeping the mortals out of whatever they were Speaking to each other, the High Priestess and Lore Keeper carefully inspected the Finman under Mara’s Hand. The gesture was not lost on her. This same gesture had been used with each of them at times, and she could remember the first time of feeling that hand on her own shoulder. How had he been able to penetrate so far though? He had been quite far in before Ven’thrith had collected the lad. Certain lines evoked the girl currently beneath the Moon’s spell, others reminded her of Etain, or the less often seen but always working for their good Finnol. Was he of the Blood? Was that how he won into the Labyrinth?

Could he be the beginning of a cure for one of the plagues they fought?

Too many questions, and several other eyes that glared with distrust and envy. Was the Taint spreading?

The eyes of both Deities fell on her, captured her own eyes. She fought not to look Ven’thrith in the eye and failed. Galaxies spun and shook her core. The shifting waves of Mara’s were far less alien to her. What would they want when they spoke?


Time passed. Mara broke the spell that held her attendants and their hearts still. “I hope this crazy plan of yours works, leanbh.”

“It may be our only opportunity to try.”

Justin looked up. Ven’thrith looked down at the boy, observing the play in his eyes and the way he still cautiously hovered over his younger sister. He smiled in what he hoped was a soothing fashion, since whenever he smiled others never really reacted the way he intended. Justin smiled back dimly before his eyes flicked back to Mara.

“Try what, my Lady, my Lord?” The High Priestess ventured quietly, careful not to cut in to give offense and yet to demonstrate she was ready for their bidding. “What would you have us do?”

Mara looked at her High Priestess and smiled sadly. “Prepare the Veiled Chamber and the Stone of Souls in the same room. We will then need not only access to your energy but those of the acolytes as well. I want the city’s matrix activated to facilitate the flow. Someone will retrieve my Spear from Raechel with all swiftness.”

“Your Will be done, Lady.” The High Priestess bowed, robes flowing, then led the way herself to ready the chamber. Her companions followed after in rank, save for one that went to follow the guards.


Mara crouched down after they had left and she was alone with the Moon Lord, the unconscious Kirsty, and Justin. Her fingers brushed Kirsty’s cheek gently as she moved a lock of hair back into place. “You’ve never been able to take the easy route, Kirsty. Maybe it is just as well. I hope that you can hear me. We need you to find your mother from this side of the Veil, soon.”

Kirsty’s face darkened, and she bit her lip slightly. Other than that she still seemed asleep.

“I am glad that it is unlikely you will remember this.” Mara pressed a kiss her her forehead fondly, smiling gently before standing back up. She then leveled a finger at Justin’s nose, and his eyes crossed watching where it went though he did not flinch. Her smile widened. “You are not to tell anyone I have a soft side without my approval.”

“Yes Lady.” Justin’s eyes uncrossed as he looked at her instead. He tried not to flinch at the pulsing warmth emanating from that digit and spreading into his bones.

“Good. You’re not to tell her any of this nor to help her to remember either, should at some point you get to be on speaking terms with her, unless I or Ven’thrith in any of his forms has instructed you that it is safe.

“Yes Lady.” Justin nodded, skin and scale prickling at the ice in her voice.

Mara loomed over him, froth now coloring the edges of her skirts in wind whipped laces despite her surface placidity. “Good lad. Now before we go in I will warn you. Once we begin our undertaking there will be no leaving. You will be holding onto Kirsty’s shell. Ven’thrith will be taking her soul through with him. We do not really have time to wait for her trials to finish, and it will be easier to carry her soul before she gains her skin anyway.” She noted the flickers in his eyes. “No, you don’t have a choice, Acolyte.”

Justin nodded, curled his toes and tried to think of when exactly he gained feet again instead of tail.

The deity’s tone softened. “All you have to do is hold the shell and mind the cord. You share her blood, so the path written will be more likely to be unbroken.”

“I feel like this is something that music would help with, for some reason.” He frowned, making sure that he had a good grip on his sister when she gave the signal to pick her up.

Mara nodded. “It would help if you used your Voice, yes. You won’t be able to use your flute though while holding her. I would use your music by humming instead.”

His face wrinkled and furrowed in reply.

The deity shook her head.


One of her robed priestesses emerged from the seaweed curtain and beckoned with a bow. At last the room was ready. Mara nodded and rose while another priestess emerged. They held the curtain open as Justin rose and gathered Kirsty up. Mara opened her senses and cast her nets wide as the men followed her into the chamber. The veil she passed into in the room felt thin and silk sheer, transparent as water sheets over ice. The smell of her seas mingled with the seas of other planes and worlds. Here, incense from burners of spiraled shells now drifted their own veils of smoke to meet the Mists. Her High Priestess waited by the Stone of Souls, placed nearby the archway that held the Veil itself.

Whispers drifted from the arch and behind that billowing curtain. They always did, yet they were easier to hear tonight. It was as if several Samhains and Beltaines all coincided at once or if this world was once more new and yet undifferentiated from all the others. Mara nodded, but her High Priestess and attendants did not relax. How could they when both her stone box and that arch called to them? Her eyes fell on the empty space where another item at some other time would have been placed for her and Ven’thrith to Ascend a worthy soul to the stars.

“It is good.”

Her pronouncement rippled the room, pulling a tired smile from her face as peace settled over her. Trust was necessary.

At her gesture Justin laid Kirsty out on her side before the arch with the billowing curtains and laid next to her, securing her in his arms from behind. Ven’thrith and Mara stood to either side between Kirsty and the gate. Justin could not make out any meaning to the words they spoke, but after a bit he found a rhythm. Somewhere in the room the clergy chanted, their words too making no sense. There was only the ebb and flow and the pull from the archway and strange stone box beside it.

The room faded. Soon he saw through the arch, the veil open to him. The moon laid a silver path over the trackless sea that heaved and danced beneath the fingers of the wind that always searched. Slowly he felts like the arch was pulling him and the weight of the girl in his arms grew heavier. She too began to glow as the waves sang and the priests at the edge of his hearing echoed the words woven beyond time.

There was a bark and a transparent white seal pup, somewhere between the worlds of teen and adult scooted and humped her way along the silver path that bled from stone to water trailing glowing cords behind her back to the very human body he held. A figure that flickered between seal and shark yet walked on two feet with a spear in one hand and a small silver cauldron in the other followed the tiny shape into the waves. A darkness passed before him and slipped between the pillars to that other world, causing the priestesses to momentarily lose the counterbalance to the song of the priests. Justin reached out with his voice and grabbed it up before the spellsong’s webbing could rip on the smooth floor. As he watched the darkness passed from a horned man with a great cloak, to the lope of a wolf, and then a fin cutting the night just to one side of the path. He sighed when the priestesses assumed more of the weight, letting himself slide more into the center. He wrapped the gossamer around her form as best he could with only his voice and reached out to her mind, surprised at how familiar and similar this felt to bringing children down to the shores.

Thank you for reading along with the webnovel version of this book. This has gone up on the Web Fiction Guide, so reviews of the current story developing are welcome, as are votes.

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As always, if you see any typos, please let me know so I can fix those, they don't always save when applied. I repeat that this is the webnovel version of the book and may differ somewhat from the print and ebook versions when the text is completed and through processing. Thank you for being part of the story behind the story.

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The world of Dragon Hearts crosses over with the world of the Dragon Shaman books as well as the Selkies' Skins books. References are hidden in my books for those knowing what to look for. Thus it seems appropriate to post this here as I am the quest and event writer (though not the coder) for the site.

Dragonmas has hit DH. Dragonclaws, our dear Saint Nicoclaws needs some help up at the North Pole. Fetu is screwing up the balance though! Who will win the battle for Dragonmas? This may or may not result in new lore for future years on the site. Can you afford not to help in the battle? Prizes go out after the end of the event.
Current score as of Ame's last logout: 
Fetu: 479 VS Dragonclaws: 856
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The Mari Lwyd is a skeletal horse figure comprised of a horse skull, a pole, cloth to hide the bearer, ribbons, bells, and various ornaments. It is a Welsh custom for this figure to go around wassailing around Christmas/Yule tide. More research is needed for me to find folk tales incorporating this figure. I would like to see if there are any connections between the horses that the Seelie and Unseelie courts ride and the Mari Lwyd.

I do have two links for the interested that seem interesting to me.

1. http://www.folkwales.org.uk/mari.html

2. http://www.wales.com/mari-lwyd


Clip, Clip, Clop 

Clip, clip, clop

Snow is gonna drop

On the ground

Without a sound

Clip, clip, clop


Clip, clip, clop

Will it ever stop

As the Mari  Lwyd

Saunters through

Clip, clip, clop


Jingle go the bells

Ringing through dells

For Christmas Day

And warm we will stay

Jingle go the bells


Jingle go the bells

As we dance pell mell

Won’t you let us in

We’re kith and kin

Jingle go the bells


Clip, clip, clop

We really want to flop

Mari Lwyd sees you there

Open up, don’t just stare

Clip, clip, clop


Clip, clip, clop

Pass some wassail or slop

The old says to you goodbye

Before bones lie to dry

Clip, clip, clop

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Some of you may be wondering why my posts are less frequent. I am going to have to start putting the poetry here as well and remembering to share about more of what is going on. Most of my posts have been over on my Patreon. Due to the changes in their fee structure I have started a Ko-fi page as well. I am not pulling things from Patreon nor leaving there just yet. I liked and like the control it gives over who sees what that has paid for the access to that tier. Currently though it is not good for those Patrons supporting several artists each with low pledges. This certainly makes me glad that I'd also set up a Paypal me link.

The Paypal me is a bit less obvious and references my publishing company since it is multi-use.

Here is the link to the Ko-fi
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 Book Review

Title: Song of Edmon, #1 of the Fracture Worlds Series

Author: Adam Burch

Where to get: https://www.amazon.com/Song-Edmon-Fracture-Worlds-Book-ebook/dp/B01MY83F5G

Star Rating: 5

Age Rating (IMO): Young Adult


This book pulled me in and held me. It was horrible when I would have to stop reading in order to take are of some task. Since the first book is so good I look forward to reading the ensuing books.


Edmon is a half breed. Being of mixed ancestries myself I find these sort of tales intruiging. We follow his adventures and misadventures through many twists and turns that I was not always able to predict. If found the unpredictability refreshing. This is a world where everyone has ulterior motives and you have to look several layers deep that mirrors a sort of mish-mash of ancient Asian and Greco-Romany declining dynasties. There are several powerful bombshells and character twists in this tale, especially toward the end.


I recommend this for anyone that likes a deep but well-paced tale. I will caution that although I’m classing this as a Young Adult there are cases of rape, beating, and similar brutality. One would expect that of a Coliseum type world though.


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