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This will be the location for various serialized stories I am working on, as I have decided to experiment with this style again, due to the success rate that I used to have while writing fanfictions. Please use the tags if you have a particular story that you wish to navigate to, and feel free to bring your friends. I also will occasionally post news here related to my own manuscripts intended for regular publication and their availability.

For reference, the THG StarDragon Publishing Blog, though sometimes it goes long times without updates, is the place to watch for news regarding not only my own books, but those of the authors that have chosen to work with me in getting their own works ready for publication. My personal journal is located at livejournal (same name as here) and will be the place to look for random stuff (though if you want super random, I do admit the "sin" of having a Facebook). Artwork can be viewed on my DeviantArt account, or you can visit the THG StarDragon Publishing website or the Lulu Storefront. Also, some titles are going to be found at my Smashwords page. Don't forget to check Amazon and Barnes and Noble for print and ebook versions. Please note that the author is a full time mother and also takes university courses, so she unfortunately does not get to write or paint all day.
Comments are welcome, as I would like to experiment with how reader questions can help shape stories. Also, if you would like to donate to help fund my time (and help buy coffee to think and do neat things for the kids) I do accept Paypal. Just use the button at the bottom of the post.

You can find the table of contents for my serials below.

Contents Selkies' Skins )
Selkies' Skins: Castle and Well (book one) manuscript wordcount: Currently 131,693 for chapters 1 through 39, front matter, the glossary, and author bio. It will be followed by a second book covering the second half of Kirsty's testing, and likely a third book or fourth book to deal with other important bits that are not focused on in Kirsty's Skinquesting. There is also an audiobook version currently being recorded, narrated by Illya Leonov. He is also expected to narrate the books of the Dragon Shaman series.
You can also read it on a dedicated site for the stories.

Selkies' Skins 2
Selkies' Skins 2 )

The manuscript for Selkies' Skins (book two): Temple and Skinquest is currently sitting at 41,338 words in the full file as of April 20, 2016 and is in progress.

The manuscript for Dragon Shaman (book three): The Forge and the Well is in progress at roughly 20,000 words

Contents Shen's Tale )

Why is the Kirsty Picture gone? Who stole the selkie? David, are you hoarding her with the fish tin again? Ok, I'll do the button this way... Kirsty, that is MY can of smoked oysters...
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This story takes inspiration from the Zuni tale of Kolowisi. It turned out much longer than I originally thought. It would take for her to tell her tale. I started intending a poem and the Water Bride wasn't having it for this iteration.

First posted on my Patreon.

Water Bride

Long ago I went for water from the spring. This was my favorite place to go and I always treasured the time I could spend here. I was free to be myself, without eyes judging me, without the worries about who my parents would finally give me away to. I often tarried and sang by the water, and I always loved letting my fingers linger in the coolness. It was a dry walk then as it is now, and the heady smells of high desert scrub that lay over the land just as strong. That day when I got down and lowered my water pot to fill after I had performed my usual time enjoying the water I heard a low cry. How could a baby have been out all alone? Here?

I placed my pot down half filled on the bank and looked for what I heard. Gurgles bubbled up at me when I found him and chubby arms reached for me. He smiled toothlessly. I examined him as I picked him up. Why would anyone abandon such a strong and healthy seeming boy? Had he perhaps been carried off by a mountain lion and then dropped? Had one of the spirits stolen him for his beauty and then changed their mind?

The boy’s gaze shifted down and he began to cry again. Of course he would be hungry, but I was a young virgin and had no milk. Yet I felt strangely heavy and sleepy. I remember looking around to see if there was something I could perhaps chew up and process for him to tide him over. I could ask one of the mothers to help me feed my new son. I saw nothing suitable though.

“Hush. I have to think son. I don’t know what to feed you and I still need to finish getting the water for my own parents. I have nothing but we’ll figure something.”

The tiredness and heaviness continued to grow. His wailing had stopped when I spoke and when I looked at him he was staring at me intensely. Did he understand? I found a comfortable spot to sit and rocked him for a moment. I was so heavy, so tired, and my chest and entire body felt so strange and warm.

I had to have fallen asleep. When I woke my water pot was beside us instead of where I had left it. The heaviness and strangeness no longer weighed me down and muddied my thinking. I felt different but I could not be sure how. As I looked into the baby’s eyes I was unsure how I would deal with letting another mother nurse him until he was able to eat other foods. Was there perhaps some way to make my own milk come without taking a husband, who would surely disown the baby? I had to protect this small life.

My heart sank when I realized that for now I would need to hide him, and I still had no name for him either.

“Perhaps your name will come to me tonight. I don’t know how I’m going to hide you though. They may take you away.”

He cooed and reached for me, patted at me as if he was the one soothing me. With a sigh I nodded, fashioned a strap to keep him to my chest and against my heart the best I could, then carried my water home to my parents.

I don’t know how I was able to keep him hidden, how no one noticed the baby strapped to me. I was heavy and warm again, not sleepy this time, but definitely not feeling my normal self. I fully intended to tuck him behind some pots and parcels near where I normally sleep but I could not bear to take him off. My arms would not cooperate, so I stopped trying and went about the rest of my day. The only time the baby seemed to make any sort of fuss was when an unwanted suitor attempted to catch me in conversation.

My parents liked him well enough, but I never liked the way he seemed to brag. Being a wife would be difficult for him. I prickled inside. The baby actually hissed. Still, no one saw the little boy I bore baring his teeth except for me.

Finally the day was done and I could retreat into my bedcovers. I held the child close and fell into an exhausted sleep.

When I woke, I was here. The child I rescued, or thought I had rescued, was now a man and adjusting blankets fussily around me. There was the smell of water and earth. He noticed my now open eyes and stroked my cheek.

“I told you everything would work out. Now we can be happy. I’ve watched you so long now when you would come to my spring. Now, rest. You didn’t eat enough last night. I have a stew made if you think you are awake enough, wife.”




That night is how you came to be, child. That night is how we came to live in the cave the spring wells up from. If you go outside and look up sometimes you will see my people looking down as they scoop water. Your grandparents are the ones that drop in the wrapped sweet cakes.

“You will meet them when you are a little older.” My husband’s voice slides into the night now that the story is done. “You must be careful though. Even though they know now what happened, there are others of your mother’s people that are not so happy I brought her here. Some day though you will need a partner, and it is from your mother’s people you will find one. Then you will decide on what world you will raise your own family in.”

My husband reaches out to stroke our youngest’s face as he did mine so long ago. Though he wears a human form I feel one of his coils wrapped around me. I snuggle into this coil subtly, warm and happy.

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 This one is a longer flash fiction centering around Empress Raikou and Emperor Horin long after their political marriage to unite the peoples of their empire and stop civil war. This land has had some long running problems with imbalance and in their world is a seat of the struggle between the forces of Wisdom and Ignorance.


Candles cast their glow around the room and dripped into the platters beneath them. Her quill scratched at the silence with a fury that left the palace servants scurrying back out after making sure she still had enough light to work by. What she created with her tools none ever knew and even her mate had ceased asking. Every morning she was found paler, the crystals in the room darker and more cracked.

No one but She ever touched The Book. No one but She must turn the pages until it was finished. Eventually Ibexia turned to spring and still she worked. Now she looked young, driven, and ate more whenever she was at Table. She went out on surveys of the land bringing sheaves of maps and notations with her. The guards that were sent out with her always seemed to lose her.

Still onward time flowed like the waters of the Chie into the sea. She was fuller now, older. The land sang audibly wherever she trod in her searches in restoring Balance. The Empress moved more slowly and kept her wings holding her sides. Wherever the light of Knowledge had begun to dim she would soon follow to address the issue. The Imperial Guards had less scampering to do whenever she left her chambers.

The Emperor watched every year pass and a little more of the kirin become something more ephemeral than either of them had ever expected. He often thought back to the day that they had discovered the crystal key and the beginning of her descent into Obsession. Every year he grew older and more at a loss as to how to help her the way a younger Raikou had saved him.

Fall came and went with her usual disappearance into the Cave of Origin suspiciously plump and emergence once more slender but somehow older. He held her on the rare times she came to his chambers after and hoped that this would be the year she would explain what her binding to the Land had done to her. This year was not that year. It was another year of silent tears and a bit more of the crystals slowly hardening her scales. Another year of furious scribblings that he would hear through the door of her office while he waited on her bed in her chambers hoping that she would come rest.

Restoring that fountain may have solved The Drought, but in bringing the Fountain of Knowledge back perhaps they also should have expected the darker sides of Knowledge. How much time did he have left, and how much was left in him?


Chie is translated as Wisdom. The Chiegawa emerges first from the Cave of Origin below the royal palace and flows through the land, often plunging underground again and through mountain ranges, then flows into the Chie Sea. Ibexia is home to the dragon, ibex, and kirin races.

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 The Rend

The air sizzled and rippled around the fresh rend in the veil. With care she hurriedly stitched to close it. Mist continued to pour out and purple crackled across the clouds above. Hopefully she could close it before they felt the weakness. Too many years she had scuttled across this world repairing these. How many generations without any others to swell the dwindling ranks of the Keepers? Was she the last?

Her needle dove time and again to pull the thread from a skein in some distant room of reality. What would happen if the Norns themselves gave way as their assistants were? If there was no one to create the thread that became Fate?

Her own thread went slack as she heard a silent snip.

“Rest child.”

The rent was only three quarters mended and she heard stirrings on the other side. She plied her needle faster, weaving in what thread she had left to her.

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 Dragon Shaman: Taming the Blowing Wind, my very first published book was included in this wiki of nine Young Adult Dragon books. 

9 Fantastic Young Adult Books About Dragons





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 Here is the audio of Illya's thank you speech for the Gofundme help for his surgery.

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 The long awaited second volume in the Mythical Minstrelsy anthologies is now available on Smashwords. I have not yet gotten the Amazon Kindle version set up and uploaded yet, nor the print. Volume three I hope to have ready to push later this year after I get the cover ready. Long term Patreon Patrons will be sent the appropriate years in ecopies for their support.


Maria Lightwatch, a three tailed kitsune character of mine is the mascot and "official tale teller" for this series. Each book is a collection of that year's art, stories, meditations, and poetry, not including installations of the Selkies' Skins series or illustrations done for children's books. Each year's anthology will therefore be of varying lengths but will mostly tie in with mythology or folklore in some fashion.




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The narrator of "Selkies' Skins: Castle and Well" and "Pearls of Sea and Stone: Book of Seals" is having medical problems and very greatly needs some help. He is a very good friend and I consider him in the manner of another father figure. Illya Leonov, AKA Morgan Freepony is a man that tries to do things on his own and then take care of everyone else. So for him to even START a Gofundme tells me he is having more problems with it than he was willing to admit. He could use some help. If you can toss some help toward his medical bills that is positively fabulous and please do. If you can't afford to please share the heck out of his Gofundme to help it circulate and hopefully find people that can. He's done so much for us as a storyteller narrating things for our enjoyment.

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 Another catching up post, this one set elsewhere in the world of Selkies' Skins universe.

This flash fiction touches on the seal folk. Long ago a Patron and friend asked for a tale of selkies in a Native American milieu. This is a long awaited glimpse into the life of one of the seal folk somewhere on the Eastern coast of America.


Flash Fiction: Trade


Waves crashed against her rock, froth spraying up to dampen her. The sun was warm here, though the ever present sea breeze did what it could to take the warmth away. Beside her spread out her skin to bake to let the oils seep in to fur and flesh. Her dreams whispered. Eyes watched her from the shore before slipping tentatively into canoes. She smiled as she watched them and sang sweetly. So long as they minded themselves she did not mind calling forth the fish. She liked to watch them toss their nets and spears. Safety traded for food.


Last Week's Flash Fiction in Audio on Youtube

You can listen to last week's story read for you on my Youtube channel. https://youtu.be/gec0EooelPo 


In Audio Next Week

You can listen to the audio of this story next week, March 29, 2019 at noon Pacific Time: https://youtu.be/fMs9mOdXXcI 

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 Another catching up post, originally from my Patreon.

This one was inspired by an off the wall short discussion in the Catfort/ASA Discord server.


Fish Army

Bubbles rose from his mask where he floated below the kelp. The shape he followed wove in and out of view ahead. Cautiously he increased his speed, trying to draw closer. The warty grey fish was something he had never seen before in all his dives and he needed pictures. The fish moved faster as if it sensed his intentions. It slipped away through the green and brown curtain.

He looked cautiously through the thicker entanglement. What swarmed there filled him with a sense of dread.

Fish of all kinds schooled and circled together. In the center of the clearing beyond the curtain a squat dark carving loomed. About the base various offerings lay, some mere trash, and others worth much more. Eyes glinted and bored with an infernal light right at him.

The fish turned as one and charged.


In Audio Next Week

You can listen to this story in audio on my Youtube next week, March 22, 2019 at noon Pacific Time. https://youtu.be/gec0EooelPo

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Original posting on my Patreon

Deep in the wood he dwells

The Bockman prances and plays

Waiting to lure you away

Hairy legged goat man, he


Venture not far off the path

My dear, he waits for you there

Not just the wolf long of tooth

So many woodland dangers, be


He is not the top of them all

Nay, nor down at the bottom

Somewhere between lurks he

I pray he’ll not be seen


Stay here with me instead

Tend the garden within the fence

Father will go to town instead

And we will stay here, safely


Bockman remembers your father

And the time he put up a fight

He saved me from the goat man

The day I didn’t listen, you see

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I am catching up on posting the Flash Fictions. They originally posted to my Patreon.

For #FlashFictionFridays here is a drabble (100 word) story. This one is playing with modern mythology a bit.

Flash Fiction: Sample

They shine in the darkness, twinkling eyes down at those trapped below. To them our world looks so peaceful. They don’t hear our cries rising to gazing skies. They only know the quiet of deep space. We spin and whirl in orbit, dancing around the gaseous core of our system. Unknown to us we are but atoms, bound in a molecule, part of a cell. This cell? Are we part of a heart, an eye, a leaf, a bacteria, a virus? What are they, watching us? Do they gaze through a microscope and we, but a culture on a slab?

Audio format: https://youtu.be/f3KqN1Ycmhc 

The audio will post publicly March 15.

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 Exhausted: Queen of Crystals is now available on Zazzle.com as a poster.

I need to figure out which pieces from my deviantart gallery to get printed as posters and how many to stock as I gather things for the booth while finalizing what I know I will have energy to do. I do not expect as much help as I had two years ago and probably about the same amount as last year. HOPEFULLY I will make all three days of Fiesta and have a working vehicle. I have not yet filled the paperwork.
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I am starting late on Flash Fiction Fridays. This one we shall retrodate as for the 1st. This one isn't very mythology or folklore based unless we can now count payphones as folklore or you count inanimate objects having their own opinions and desires. Flash fiction is generally classed as 2,000 words or less (short stories) with various subtypes. This is somewhere between a twabble and a drabble.
Flash Fiction: Death of Pride
She stared at the lump of steel, plastic, rubber, leather, glass, and wire. It continued staring ahead with its glassy eyes unmoved by her tears and cries. Her toe found the rubber with speed even though both she and the lump knew that would do nothing to fix the problem. It would do her no good to open the hood, her fluids and oil were topped off by her dad before she left home. There wasn't anything under there in this situation that she knew how to do. All she wanted was to get to her new home, start her life and make her family proud. This lump had other plans it seemed, and they involved a long walk to the nearest payphone.

Originally posted in my Patreon posts. https://www.patreon.com/posts/25100970

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Select books at our #Smashwords outlet are participating in the Read An Ebook week. Use codes EBW50 or EBW25 depending on which title. #ebookweek19 https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/Amehana
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 A very good friend of mine @oscelot has started a #flashfictionfridays challenge for the month of March. These are available to read on her Patreon for free. https://www.patreon.com/posts/25077741 This first one is an interesting take on pre-life.
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 I have posted about it elsewhere and directly told a few others this piece of news. However it seems a good idea to document it here as well. I have submitted a horror short to Drabblecaste playing with the ideas of a mortal woman becoming a vengeful spirit and a local deity. I was inspired in part by the story of Hanya as well as the various River Goddesses believed to have stemmed from sacrificing women as brides to river gods (among other origin explanations). I thought that if a woman can become a river goddess, "then what about a cavern goddess?" According to their website I should hear within about 3 months. It would be amazing if they decide to pick up the piece. 

Meanwhile hopefully I will begin making more progress again in Selkies' Skins: Temple and Skinquest.


Jan. 17th, 2019 09:09 pm
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 I just took stock of how many books I have written and otherwise contributed to the production of. I have a small handful that I can remember the titles and years of that were multiple poet anthologies I contributed to. However the tally is pretty near 20ish. That restores a little confidence, wot?
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 Art has had me quite busy.

Here is a collaboration piece I was part of featuring the artists of Neighberry.
Artists of Neighberry
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 "4-Spell" by AmehanaRainStarDrago has some color today. Drawn for the #inktober2018 challenge the accompanying #poem is on the image page itself.  Every day I intend to post one new inking AND poem to my DeviantArt and sharing to my Patreon. 
I really enjoyed this one as I got to do something that I've been looking forward to... drawing some crystals. I am very seriously leaning to breaking out the Speedball sketch pen dip pen set and getting into my shimmering purple Hayabusa and black Noodler's inks early.
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 Mythical Minstrelsy

Within a week we should be seeing the print edition of Mythical Minstrelsy, volume 1 (the 2015-2016 volume) hitting Amazon. It will take a few days longer generally for the print edition to link to the ebook edition. Hopefully soon I will be able to have layout ready for volume 2 print and ebook as I try to catch up my own backlog (so many projects get prioritized over my own writings). I will post again once I see that it has become available.



In other news I am working on color for panels 11 through 15 of the Starr Family's Ice Cream Creation with PenIt! Publications. After the completion of that children's book project I will begin the art for the next Moey book, also with that publishing house.


Selkies' Skins

I champ at the bit to get back to the current volume of the series.


The Ian's Realm Saga Trilogy

Work is still ongoing with getting clean tracks for the audiobook version of D.L. Gardner's classic book. It has not been as quiet nor as calm a summer as I needed for the rerecording of the chapters.


Dragon Hearts RPG

There have been a few delays in getting to writing the second part of the current split questline. I need to check in the work tickets to see if the gamesite owner/coder has had a change to work on the code for the first part of this installment in Fetu's saga and if anything is ready for testing.

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