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Coffee and Ghosts: Season 1
Charity Tahmaseb

Something that I've been reading when resting from all the business that's been keeping me figuratively running is "Coffee and Ghosts: The Complete First Season." I got this in exchange for a fair review through Story Cartel. The title itself hooked me. Coffee? Ghosts? Two of my favorite things! The format is several short stories, written very like TV episodes. In fact this would be a GREAT show in my opinion. A ghost hunter that catches uses coffee? Oh yes, please! What? Her rival (starting out) uses tea? Oh my, it's the caffiene wars ghost hunter style! Inevitably a bit of romance gets thrown in the mix, but we can blame it on the coffee.

Over the course of a few "episodes," around 15 if I remember right, we follow the adventures of Katy and Malcom, meet Nigel, and then get to see them compete with other hunters coming into their territory. If this isn't enough we eventually learn a deep, dark secret unknown to Katy that is so important that if she'd learned it as a child her adult life might have been completely different.

Apart from the story I absolutely HAVE to bring up the cover. I find the china teapot with steam to be very evocative. I also quite like the text placement. The main title text font strikes me hard and fits the story theme very nicely. The other text... not so keen on the chosen font. Oh well. I am rather picky when it comes to fonts.

If you are looking for short reads then this is a good one. If you're like me and prefer longer reads then you are covered too! This author also has the individual "episodes" available for free. I'm certainly looking forward to the next season.

Want it?


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Tiptoe by Kit O'Connor

I got this book in exchange for an honest review. When I got it I had not seen the tiny blurb mentioning infidelity and insanity. I wish I had. The book was well written story wise, even with the jumping between characters. I normally enjoy that sort of book, but it took me a bit to understand how the characters were connected. I was expecting a story about a boy becoming a knight and defeating his dragon. It's not quite what I got and it seems the dragon was a completely different kind than the sort we started out with. On one hand I'm applauding this and on the other I'm going "not quite for me." However it might be for you. I had to push through the first third or so, but then it started to make more sense to me. Also as I have avoided drug culture that might have put a damper on my understanding. However that also may have been the effect the author was going for as I was indeed finding myself in a very alien (to me) world.

I might look for more by this person later, but it isn't high on my priority list.


Here, have a Kirsty picture. Back to some selkie related material.
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One of the books that I got via Story Cartel in exchange for a fair review is "On Top of a Hill There's a Billy" by J. Seth Davey. The copy that I was provided for review purposes was a .pdf that shows up pretty decently on my trusty Kindle Classic. This is a picture book with cute art that is good for kids or the childish at heart. We seem to follow a dog as he tells us about the Billy from up on top of the hill and what he's like. It's a fun little romp. This is, like many picture books, rather short. I'd recommend it for people looking for fun stuff to have their kids practice reading with. I wish that I had some kids in the age range of this. Mine are rather grown up now... Although... Maybe my youngest might enjoy it still.


Buy it at: http://www.amazon.com/Top-Hill-Theres-Billy/dp/132930764X


As for my own writing I intend to take some time tomorrow. With luck I will not be dragged out of the house. I want to immerse myself back into the selkie story, darn it.
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 I got another book from Story Cartel in return for an honest review. I have absolutely no problem with writing down my thoughts about books I read.

The Dragon and the Apprentice (Book One of the Chronicles of Sir John the Worm)
By Sully Tarnish

I really liked the view on dragons and wizards in this, and the gentility of the dragon knight. Parts remind me a bit of Terry Brooks. Other parts remind me a little of Terry Pratchet. If you enjoyed the Enchanted Forest Chronicles then you'd probably enjoy this one too. The pompousness of our dragon knight had me amused as well. The supporting characters also are well fleshed out. I just have to say... that poor demon. That poor, poor thing. And the human knight? Imagine a big black hedgehog and giggle with me.

You won't like this book if you do not like a storyteller style of book. If you do though you'll love it. This is a series that I'll have to follow.

You can find it here on Amazon.
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 So I found this place called Story Cartel. You can sign up for free and get access to some books that are up for free in exchange for an honest review. I ended up finding a neat little comic called "Raptor Cop" by J. Pedicini. It had a neat cover and said it was recommended for Stan Lee fans, so I figured I would give it a chance, thinking of reading it with my son.

I found myself immediately amused by the cop burning his breakfast pizza. This cop is an everyman character, and his partner is just as funny. Our everyman gets a kick me sign stuck to his rump by kids at a birthday party. There are little jokes tucked in everywhere like the k-9 units not supposed to be party animals (they showed up sporting party hats from the party they had stopped at on the way).

The comic had a nice balance of suspense and comedy in my opinion. The villain has a creative power, or at least I thought so. I really liked the flesh eating worms. I would definitely like to see the series continues and what happens in it. Like all comic books it was shorter than I would have liked, which is a good sign for a comic book as we get both art and storyline.

It was just the thing to help me calm down after a long day full of things going wrong and needing fixing.

Where I found it: https://storycartel.com/books/raptor-cop
So far this place looks like a good place to find interesting authors.
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I was recently given the opportunity to read and review Christopher Shields' books in "The Weald Fae" series. I am sure that anyone that loves the way the Fae were portrayed before a certain company stepped into the limelight will love these books. I would like to share my reviews from Goodreads.

Maggie O'Shea, half Cuban and half Irish is moved from Florida where her life centers around swimming all the way to the Weald in Arkansas. Dealing with the culture shock of entering a new area and school isn't bad enough, she makes enemies of the snottiest popular girl ever and is entrusted by a deep, dark secret by her Aunt May–Fae are real. She makes friends and enemies among them, as well as falling for who we find to be Adonis in the past...despite fighting NOT to since he is her first treorai (teacher/guide). Then we have a crazed, duplicitous Fae leader that can control the four elements and Aether...and SHE has decided she doesn't like Maggie.

The "stuff" hits the fan in this series. Book three is new, so I'm really hoping I don't have to wait long for book four.

Book #1: The Steward

The Steward (Weald Fae Journals, #1)The Steward by Christopher Shields

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I just finished reading, and would have been done sooner if my family vacation had been less active. Thecharacters are all very well written, the plot is exquisite, and the lead female character is strong. I loved reading how she overcame her obstacles.

Chalen I wanted to see destroyed. He was the epitome of Unseelie to me. I very much enjoyed the way that the clans were portrayed, with even the Seelie having darker aspects.

I am very glad to be able to read the next in the series, because I've got to see what he does with changelings.

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Book #2: The Changeling

The Changeling (Weald Fae Journals, #2)The Changeling by Christopher Shields

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As with the previous book, I found the plot to be meaty and fast, pulling me around hairpins and through mental brambles trying to figure out who the main enemy is. I did not expect Ozara's actions.

The cast is wide. Fae of all areas are represented. I was also very excited about the inclusion of the Veil. It even has Bigfoot. Being from northern California and the Pacific Northwest, Bigfoot is a big thing with the family.

I said it with the last book, but thesecharacters are written deep. I also liked the level of description.

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Book #3: The Aetherfae

The Aetherfae  (Weald Fae Journals #3)The Aetherfae by Christopher Shields

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Aetherfae was yet another roller coaster ride. There were revelations that surprised me a bit, such as who Ozara's mate is. Her real views on humans did not surprise me. I was very intrigued with how thick her deception is.

Maggie ends up meeting with Bastien, the historian, twice...and I had to laugh because the first time she and her friends met him they had no idea. Her ancestry I also found to be highly interesting, as I know how genealogy uncovers fascinating revelations. Both of these points I thought were brilliant strokes.

I stayed up until dawn reading this. I'm going to be wondering what will happen in the next book for a long time.

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