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Birthdate:Mar 16
Website:THG StarDragon Publishing
Full time mom, part time university student (Bachelor's in International Relations program currently), artist, author, publisher dragon lover, Priestess (yes, big P not little p).

Names I currently write under or have written under:
Teresa Garcia
Teresa Huddleston-Garica (two books under this former name, all future editions of those books will be released under Teresa Garcia)
Angelina (obsolete pen name)
LadyRainStarDragon (fanfiction & fictionpress, though a few other places I have forgotten as well)
Lady Rain StarDragon
Amethyst Stormrider (erotica and adult or triggery storylines)

*hears a few people falling over in shock that she's done any erotica* Oi! Do you realize how hard that is to write well?

Please also support me at

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Publishing Blog:

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Cafe Press:


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Personal journal for those that are interested in day to day stuff. Public and friends only posts are sometimes made.
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