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My publishing company's first non-poetry non-fiction is now available in Kindle, Paperback on Amazon, and Paperback at CreateSpace.

I learned a lot editing AyaMayA for Ayam Yogi Abraxas. Some of it was strange, as in how I found editing for Canadian British English a lot more than I like editing for American English rules and spellings. Some was not-so-strange as I got to look more in depth into Kabbalah than I have in years, as I am less ceremonial and more "natural" based. Those that have seen me do a house clearing might have other opinions...

It was interesting getting to see Mr. Abraxas' take on Tarot and Astrology as well and set the Tarot in terms of psychology and cycles.

May 1st is the official date, and the day on which I'll be running specials, but I would appreciate you passing the links on to those that you believe would be interested. The price on the Paperback will go up after the opening period.

Kindle, Paperback on Amazon, and Paperback at CreateSpace

Will be going to Smashwords (and thence on to other distributors) after 90 days in the KDP program.

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