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My publishing company is testing Story Cartel out. I've been able to find interesting books that I normally would not come across. I get to have these books for free. In return I have to post my unbiased review about the book. I liked the process, so decided to see what it could do for myself and my authors as far as getting feedback.

I currently have "Selkies' Skins: Castle and Well" listed with Story Cartel. This is the print and web edition so is slightly different than the webnovel. There you can download this first book of the series for free. In exchange you post at least one place (and provide the link for the proof) with your honest review. The book is free at the link for 21 days. The site accepts the review links for 28 days. It would help me out a lot if some of you would consider signing up and reviewing.

I have also submitted JoAnne Spiese's "A Witch's Prayerbook" and am waiting for the approval on that so that I can push that review drive out. Her book is a collection of Goddess Faith poems and prayers from the perspective of one witch. I will post a link here when I am able to get that out the door as well.

Both of these books are currently available on Amazon, Smashwords, and B&N as well as other venues. However they will only be free at

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