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Finally I get to sit down for some mythical poetry. Tonight due to it being so cold Yukionna seems to be the proper one to write a tale of. The snow maiden comes from Japan, and there are several facets to her. In this poem however I will only deal with one. If you like my poetry or the Selkies' Skins webnovel then please consider visiting my Patreon at http://www.patreon.com/Amehana

 Mother Yukionna
Teresa Garcia
November 20, 2016
Gently the snow falls down
Coating the land and the tree
Undercut by the river
Flowing resolutely to the sea.
Quietly a slim figure glides
Pale as the moon mirror now hidden
Behind the lowered underscales
Of the storm dragon hither bidden
Through the trees and the rocks
Silently she searches them out tonight
The unwanted, young or old
Cast out by poverty or spite
If you watch here with me
In this hasty shelter against the snow
Warmed only by body and hope
Her love as children we will know
Do you hear that doleful cry
Rending both mountain pass
And the spanning sky
As the first her search has compass'd?
Too late that one was found
Some small and frozen form
Leaving her yet again
Childless and forlorn
Oh tonight is so very cold
I hope she finds us soon
I want to sleep snug and warm
In Yukionna's arms coccoon'd.
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