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Tiptoe by Kit O'Connor

I got this book in exchange for an honest review. When I got it I had not seen the tiny blurb mentioning infidelity and insanity. I wish I had. The book was well written story wise, even with the jumping between characters. I normally enjoy that sort of book, but it took me a bit to understand how the characters were connected. I was expecting a story about a boy becoming a knight and defeating his dragon. It's not quite what I got and it seems the dragon was a completely different kind than the sort we started out with. On one hand I'm applauding this and on the other I'm going "not quite for me." However it might be for you. I had to push through the first third or so, but then it started to make more sense to me. Also as I have avoided drug culture that might have put a damper on my understanding. However that also may have been the effect the author was going for as I was indeed finding myself in a very alien (to me) world.

I might look for more by this person later, but it isn't high on my priority list.


Here, have a Kirsty picture. Back to some selkie related material.

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