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 I just recently got the cover art in for Laura Fanaei's children's picture book, "My Family is Different." This is the last item that I was waiting on before I could get the proof run started. I am very excited as this is the first children's picture book through us. In this book we meet a little girl that tells us how her family is different, and a bit about the families of her friends. Even though they are different they all get along, and a beautiful picture is painted of the world religions is painted through the book. Jessica Baumgartner's illustrations fit the tone of the book precisely.
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An audition came in today to turn my poetry book "Call of the Kami" into an audiobook.  I am very pleased with her voicing, and very much looking forward to getting everything hashed out so that the paperwork can be sent through and the book go into the production phase.  I am also finding myself very nervous.  This is the furthest to date that I have gotten on any of the audiobook projects.  So I'm sitting here jittering and waiting for a reply, which I hope to get tomorrow.

Still looking for someone to do the Dragon Shaman novels, so hopefully there will soon be a voice for those projects as well.

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