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Feedback on stories is always welcome.  Tomorrow I will make Chapter 13 of Selkies' Skins live on the blog mirrors and on the main site.  As we travel through the story together, the input for you, the reader, helps me to grow as a writer.  With this in mind, I am very interested in hearing from you on the following:

  • What’s missing?
  • What’s unclear?
  • What’s unnecessary?
  • What makes no sense at all?
  • Tell me what’s too long.

I understand that everyone has different tastes, and that due to differences in background, what might seem obvious to me (as the bookworm that devoured the entirety of several libraries in her youth) may not be so obvious to someone that has not had the access to various mythologies, sciences, character quirks not shown in the story yet, and so on.  Also, there is the dilemma of the one responsible for my writing this story already knowing a great deal of some scenes and circumstances in the story.  This, I admit, I worry about leading to some scenes having more detail or less detail than is needed.  So, don't be afraid to comment so that I can take note.

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