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I'm almost ready to release the next installment of Selkies' Skins: Temple and Skinquest. That's not today though.


I have some big news that I've been quiet about other than with a very tiny handful until the contract was signed. An author that I met in one of my author and book club books alerted me that Pen It! Publications was looking for an illustrator. I immediately turned around and sent an application as I had some free slots in my client space. Each client, long or short term, makes it that much easier to make ends meet. I was very certain I'd have time to do work for them as well.
A bit of back and forth conversation ensued. The result: I signed the contract when it came in and sent it back. I found word today that it's been received, logged, and accepted.
I'm now on staff for Pen It! Publications as well.


This should not impact my writing or personal projects. I won't be posting work for Pen It! on my Patreon, as projects received through them will be for books, though I retain rights to my work. I will be posting though when books I've illustrated through them go to print and are available (and where to get them), and probably include a sample or something similar.

I am still available for editing, freelance illustration, services through THG StarDragon Publishing (starting prenegotiation rates are posted on the Facebook page, but are not on the site yet due to life events), and narration.
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