Jun. 19th, 2017

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 For those of you not in the McCloudians that did not get to make it to the Muster, here is the Parade footage. It will take me several days to get the rest of the games footage up on my Youtube channel that did no go direct to Facebook the day of.
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I recently finished gathering together all of my thoughts on the Hounds of Hearne, werewolves in general, and the other Hounds in the shared world of Selkies' Skins, Dragon Shaman, and The Shadow Chronicles. Some of this will later be made public, but not all of it. I do want to keep some things as insider bits for patrons, at least until all of the series are complete to my satisfaction.

This essay HAS been submitted to Astral Sector Alpha's multi discipline Art Expo as an example of world building behind the scenes work. It may be read live by myself or a volunteer at the reading portion, but I need to find out again what day and time that will be. Astral Sector Alpha currently resides in Calm Ocean, in a plot with looks rather similar in my opinion to how Seal Point looked at one point in it's history. I have absolutely no idea if that was the intent, as everyone was in a rather piratey mood when the move from Computer was made.

The Hounds of Herne/Hearne and other Fae Hounds

World Building Essay & Notes for Selkies’ Skins, Dragon Shaman, and The Shadow Chronicles

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