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Shen's Tale centers around a mysterious wanderer, and her interactions with the spirits of the McCloud area. This is including her adventures with laying to rest The Wraith, a mysterious and dangerous being taking advantage of a natural vortex. Can Shen help the area, or will she meet the end that numerous others have done?

Looking around, Shen took stock of what there was to work with... It was not much. Twenty feet of basalt rose on each side of the river where she was, and the water continued to pour through the gorge and around her perch, far downstream of where she had fallen in.

"Help! Down here! Help!"

The words poured out of her, though she wasn't sure they would be heard. Predictably, no one came.

"Of all the days not to stay home..." She sighed and sat down, resting her head on her knees. "It's going to be hours until anyone realizes I'm in trouble..." She moaned.

Of course, that did nothing, either. No angel materialized, no rope magically dropped down. She did the only thing that she could do in that situation... Wept like a small child. Time had no meaning, so she had no idea how long her tears lasted, only that the waters continued frothing and running.

The banging in her breast eventually settled, as if something else had begun to settle. A strange feeling spread over her body, a liquid unfurling and stretching, and for the first time in a long time, Shen became truly aware of what her body felt like Inexplicably, her arm rose, and she found herself gazing at her arm, frowning as cloth stuck to skin and the little hairs prickled against it. A foreign presence pressed curiously against her mind.

Her heart began to pound again, and suddenly it seemed as if was even colder than it already felt when being wet. The presence pressed again, and an involuntary shudder rose up her spine at the sheer undesired intimacy.

"Human?" The word thought rose in her mind, coalescing more in the vague image of one before her brain provided the word. "Why?" came next, the being taking stock of things and casting about, using her eyes to see as much as it's own.

Shen thought back to what she had been doing, also wondering why. As her memories came, she felt the other being direct them and bring them into detail, as if it was listening, and then images of a darkness flashed across her eyes, and streaking through the woods, then out into space. An impact replayed, and the terrible feeling of entrapment... and being weighted down.

Shen put her hand over her face and sighed. "Oh, I've lost it... I think I must have developed a split personality, or I've got a concussion from the fall..."

A wave of irritation not her own washed over her, and before she knew it, she was back in the water rushing downstream.

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